The Journey Begins

Starting a new venture can be scary on so many levels. From the fear of the unknown… Will it succeed? To the fear of success itself… What happens if this thing gets to be more than I can handle?

We all think that “blowing up” signifies success but in reality, how we define success is, and should be, more customized to what our goals and aspirations are.

Pinterest Marketing… The Journey Begins

What Is Pinterest Marketing?

Simply put, it’s getting your message – your product or service – in front of the people you want as customers using Pinterest as the “matchmaker”, if you will.

Just about any business can use Pinterest to market themselves. From accountants, to jewelry makers… Lawyers to graphic designers… With a little creativity and a lot of elbow grease, or with a lot of creativity and a little elbow grease, many businesses can and are using Pinterest to get found by their target customers.

What Is Etsy Marketing?

Also simply put, it is getting the word out about the products you sell on Etsy – handmade products, crafting supplies, vintage supplies, or any combination of some or all three of these categories – to the people you want to buy said products.

We all know by now that “if you put it up for sale they will come” is a farce.

Pinterest + Etsy = A Match Made in Ecommerce Heaven

That’s where marketing comes in. You have to let the right people know you have what they want or need and where to find you and how to find you so they can buy what you have for them.

If you haven’t yet heard it said then I’ll say it now so you know… Pinterest is not, I repeat “not” a social media platform (not in the traditional sense of socializing on media as we’ve come to know it).

Pinterest is a visual search engine and folks on Pinterest are looking for ideas and inspiration as well as products and services, as they would on Google.

The difference is that Pinterest uses visual images as search results. More importantly, Pinterest users have a higher level of intent, be that intent-to-buy or intent-to-use, than standard Google or Bing searchers who are more likely just looking for information.

Bottom Line…

As an Etsy seller (or other product seller, be that ecommerce or brick-and-mortar) or service provider, someone on Pinterest might just be looking for what you’re selling or offering and if done properly, you can ensure that they find you and eventually become your customers.

Etsy Shop Pinterest Marketing Case Study

Learning how to “do Pinterest” as an Etsy seller or product seller can be tedious. It’s not a process or system that gives you immediate results, definitely no instant gratification, other than the satisfaction you get from just getting things done each time you complete a task.

I had to learn from scratch just how to market my Etsy shop on Pinterest and grow sales using this platform and if you’d like to do the same, I invite you to follow along as I use my Simply Craft Supplies Etsy shop as the case study.

I’ll take you step-by-step through the process so you can replicate what I do on your own Etsy shop or ecommerce site.

Of course if you’d just rather have it done for you if you’re strapped for time or don’t care to learn any of this, just visit my Services page and select a package that works for you.

Circling Back To The Journey Ahead

If you haven’t yet tried using Pinterest to market your Etsy shop or Shopify site or other ecommerce or service business and you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheel with your current marketing efforts, then why not take this journey with me?

Your definition of success might not be my definition of success, you get to dictate what it will be but you definitely won’t reach it if you don’t start aiming for it.

In your economy, is “blowing up” 100 sales a month or is it 1 sale a day?

Whatever it is, I encourage you to try this “new way” of marketing your shop and selling your products or services.

Next Steps: Creating Your Etsy Shop Pinterest Account

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