Setting Up A Pinterest Account For Your Etsy Shop

In this post I’ll walk you through how to set up a new Pinterest account for your Etsy shop.


Pinterest changes all the time… Yes – All. The. Time. – Okay, not literally all the time, but often enough. Therefore, depending on when you read this post, some things might be different or look different on the platform.

If that’s the case as you follow along with this walkthrough, please ask for clarification in the Comments section below.

Creating A Brand New Pinterest Account

I will assume that you want to run your Etsy shop for profit and thus view it as a business (or at least, you aspire for it to become a business someday). So let’s go ahead and set up a Pinterest Business account.

The nice thing about a business account vs. personal account is that you get access a vast suite of analytics and tools that will help you use Pinterest more intelligently and efficiently. You’ll also get way more out of it than you can with a personal Pinterest account.

Step 1: Select Option To Create A Business Account

setting up a pinterest account for your etsy shop

Go to Pinterest.

It’s possible to switch a personal Pinterest account into a business account but if you’re starting from scratch, just go ahead and select the option to “Create a business account”.

Note: All Pinterest accounts are required to have a unique email address so if you already have a Pinterest account you won’t be able to use the same email address to set a new account up.

Step 2: Edit Your Account Profile

pinterest marketing for etsy sellers - pinterest business account setup

“Edit Profile” tab

The first time your set up your account, Pinterest will walk you through this but just in case you log out or are switching from a personal account, here’s how you do it.

In the top right corner of any page you’re on while logged in to Pinterest, you’ll see three dots, click on that and then select “Settings” from the drop down menu.

You’ll see a page that looks like the one on the right. We’ll walk through each of the options on the left. Let’s start with “Edit Profile”.

Things to Have Ready:

  • Your Etsy shop logo
  • An idea of what you want your Pinterest display name to be… Hint – ideally it should be your Etsy shop name so you can maintain brand recognition
  • An “elevator pitch” for your shop (you have a 160-character limit for this so you might have to get creative…)

When you’re logged in to your Pinterest account, you might see a banner at the top asking you to “Claim Your Website”. For an Etsy shop the process is a little bit different so I’ll walk you through that. For now, ignore that and let’s set up your profile.

Your Account So Far

If you want to take a look at what your account looks like thus far, here’s what you should be seeing:

A Pinterest Home Page Example

Don’t worry right now if your Pinterest board cover (that part in the picture above that has all the framed quotes) doesn’t have anything in it. We will touch on that later – it can either be populated with your latest Pins or with a custom board cover you create and upload.

The one above is an example of one that is populating with my latest Pins.

Got questions about anything we’ve covered so far? Feel free to post your questions and comments in the Comments section below.

Next Steps: Personalizing Your Account Settings & Claiming Your Space(s) On The Web

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