Personalizing & Claiming Your Web Space On Pinterest

In this post we’ll walk through how to personalize the settings in your Etsy shop’s Pinterest account and also claim your Etsy shop so you can get all attribution for any Pins from your Etsy shop whether or not you Pin them yourself.

Personalizing Your Pinterest Account Settings

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of any page you’re on while logged in to Pinterest and select “Settings”. Once on the “Settings” page, now select the “Account Settings” option on the left-hand side.

Personalizing Your Account Settings in Pinterest

Everything is pretty self-explanatory here so I won’t belabor anything. I will point out a couple of things for you to note though…

  • For “Business type”, go ahead and select “Online marketplace” from the drop down menu because this Pinterest account will be for your Etsy shop
    • Doing this will also ensure that your Rich Pins (more on this to come later) will be Product Pins.
Selecting Your “Business type” in Pinterest
  • If you don’t want to have to remember one more password, then you can opt to login using Facebook and/or your Google account
    • Call me paranoid but I just like to keep everything separate… Also, if you’re selling on Etsy and are looking to focus on making one social media platform your go-to traffic generator to your Etsy shop, then there’s not point splitting your efforts right now… All that to say, let’s leave Facebook for now and just stay focused on Pinterest
  • If you ever decide to close down your Etsy and go back to having a regular personal Pinterest account, the option to convert your account is under the “Account Changes” section at the bottom of the page
    • This is also where you can deactivate this Pinterest account or delete it altogether

Claiming Your Etsy Shop on Pinterest

Select the “Claim” tab on the Account Settings page… Here you’ll see that you have the option to claim a website, an Instagram account, an Etsy shop, or a YouTube channel.

As you might guess, since we’re talking about Pinterest marketing for Etsy shops you’ll want to use the option here to claim your Etsy shop.

Claiming Your Etsy Shop on Pinterest

First make sure that you’re logged into your Etsy shop account in the same browser that you’re working on to set up your Pinterest account then simply click on the red “Claim” button.

A pop-up box from Etsy will appear and you’ll have the option to authorize Pinterest to link to your Etsy shop account. You do this by clicking on the blue “Allow Access” button.

Connecting Your Etsy Shop to Pinterest

Be sure you read the information in the pop-up box so you know how to revoke access if and when you want to do so. It also contains additional helpful information you should know about privacy and other things so… Please read it.

Here’s what your “Claim” tab will look like once you’ve claimed your Etsy shop. You can also very easily “Unclaim” the Etsy shop by clicking on the grey “Unclaim” button here.

After Your Etsy Shop is Claimed


If you have a website that is associated with your Etsy shop you can go ahead and claim it here as well using the “Claim your website” section on this page. I won’t get into that here because for now we’ll focus on just your Etsy shop.

Personalizing your Pinterest account and claiming your Etsy shop Pinterest

If you have questions about anything we’ve covered so far or if you have any comments, feel free to leave them in the Comments section below.

Next Steps: Completing Your Pinterest Account Settings Setup

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