Setting Up Pinterest Boards For Your Etsy Shop

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Okay, now it’s time to start getting some of the more fun stuff… The things that will start to make you feel like you’re really on Pinterest… Setting up Pinterest boards for your Etsy shop!

Here’s what you need to remember as you create your Pinterest boards:


Just think “keywords”… Keep this in mind all the way through because remember, Pinterest is a search engine at heart which means that it needs to understand what you’re putting out so that it can connect you with people that are looking for whatever it is that you’re offering.

Naming Your Pinterest Boards

Start by looking at what you’re selling. What shop sections do you have in your Etsy shop? Let’s use my Simply Craft Supplies Etsy shop as an example. Here are my shop sections:

Pinterest Marketing for Etsy Sellers - setting up Pinterest boards for your Etsy shop

Etsy Shop Sections:

I’ll start by putting in each of the shop sections I’ve set up into the Pinterest search bar so see what exactly people on Pinterest are looking for that are related to what I’m selling in my Etsy shop.

Now truth be told, I could do a better job of naming some of these shop sections in my Etsy shop as some of them are a bit vague so let’s start with the ones that represent products people are more likely to be looking for.

We’ll use my “Cross Stitch Patterns” section instead the more obscure “Cool Vintage Finds” shop section.

Pinterest will show suggestions of what terms people are searching for that are related to the search term you put in. Here’s what I get when I put in “cross stitch”:

Pinterest search results for “cross stitch”

The related terms are arranged from most popular to least popular with the most popular related terms showing up from left to right (the least popular are all the way to right as you click on the arrow on the right).

Now because this section of my Etsy shop is where I group all my cross stitch patterns, I will name one of my Pinterest boards “Cross Stitch Patterns”.

That was easy wasn’t it?

Pinterest Board Descriptions For Your Etsy Shop

Each board gets a description so before leaving this search results page, let’s gather some relevant keywords to use in the description of this particular Pinterest board.

We get those by adding suggestions from the related terms into the search bar and creating additional permutations of relevant search terms. So, sticking with the example above, here are some keywords I get from the suggestions:

  • Cross stitch for beginners
  • Cross stitch kits
  • Cross stitch samplers
  • Modern cross stitch
  • How to cross stitch

So with these terms, here’s an example of the description I will give to this Pinterest board for my Etsy shop:

Learn how to cross stitch using these cross stitch patterns, kits, and samplers. Modern cross stitch patterns for beginners and advanced stitchers alike. Vintage counted cross stitch patterns including Celtic, Christmas, religious, and primitive designs.

Next up, we’ll touch on group boards for Etsy sellers. What are group boards and how much effort should you really put in to joining them and participating in them?

Next Step: Group Boards For Etsy Sellers – Should You Bother Or Shouldn’t You?

Pinterest Marketing for Etsy Sellers - setting up your Pinterest boards for Etsy sellers

Got questions about anything we’ve covered so far? Feel free to post your questions and comments in the Comments section below.

Next Step: Group Boards For Etsy Sellers – Should You Bother Or Shouldn’t You?

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